Freedom of Information Act

Public information

The East Aurora School District is committed to the principle of open, two-way communication with the District’s internal and external publics. In line with this commitment, the Superintendent is responsible for maintaining and adequately staffing an ongoing public information program directed at all members of the school community including: students, staff, parents and other District residents.

Board meetings and policies
The minutes of previous board meetings, as well as the schedules for upcoming meetings, are available here.

The board policies can be found here.



The Freedom of Information Act is intended to ensure that members of the public have access to information about their government and its decision making process. To learn more about Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act, visit the Illinois Attorney General FOIA webpage.

According to School Board policy, the public will have access to information concerning public actions, policies, and details concerning the educational operations of the District through the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and other sources.

Designated FOIA officer
Steve Megazzini
McKnight Student Service Center, 417 Fifth Street, Aurora, Illinois
(630) 299-5548

The Board of Education hereby determines there will be no charge for the first 50 pages of all black-and-white letter or legal sized copies provided in response to a non-commercial Freedom of Information Act request;
For all black and white letter or legal sized copies, the District will charge for non-commercial requests beyond the first 50 pages, 7.5 cents per page, representing a reasonable a calculation of the supplies and equipment cost for producing copies;
The cost for copies other than letter or legal sized black and white papers, or materials supplied in other formats (including but not limited to: flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.) shall be the actual cost of the medium, consistent with the guidelines set by the Freedom of Information Act.

Public records

East Aurora School District 131 maintains various records, including:
- Board of Education policies, minutes and schedules
- District budget and other financial reports
- Illinois School report cards
- Collective bargaining agreements
- Salary and compensation reports
- List of contracts annually greater than $25,000
- District calendars

Learn more about East Aurora School District 131

East Aurora School District 131 organizational chart

Media requests

District 131's Public Relations Office can assist with media requests, including interviews and site visits. While the District is committed to open, two-way communication, this must be balanced against the right to privacy of minors who attend our schools.
With prior permission from the Public Relations Officer, reporters will be allowed on to school property to photograph or report on school events or other educational activities. For safety and security reasons, reporters who do not have prior approval will not be allowed on school grounds or into any school building. Additionally, each photographer must obtain the name of the children shown in the photos they intend to use, so they can be checked against the school’s media waiver files. This is to protect the minors shown in photographs, as well as expedite the process for media approval.

Media contact
Tom Jackson, APR, Public Relations Officer
McKnight Student Service Center, 417 Fifth Street, Aurora, Illinois
(630) 299-5534

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