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Welcome to East Aurora School District 131!
The School District was established in 1847, making it the first public school district in Illinois. In East Aurora School District, our staff, students and community are inspiring learners!

East Aurora School District 131 is committed to building college and career readiness through fostering capacities of literate individuals across curriculum.
East Aurora School District 131 students will:

  • Demonstrate independence.
  • Build strong content knowledge.
  • Respond to demands of audience, task, purpose and discipline.
  • Comprehend as well as critique.
  • Value evidence.
  • Use technology and digital media strategically and capably
  • Come to understand other perspectives and cultures.

East Aurora School District 131: Inspiring Learners
Every student faces challenges in the classroom. In East Aurora, we know many of our students overcome significant obstacles to pursue their education. Despite those obstacles, our students arrive in the classroom ready for discovery. These students are inspiring learners.

Every East Aurora staff member chose to work in the service of learning. Although we face challenges as educators, coaches or support staff, they remain focused on continuous improvement. These staff members are inspiring learners.

Inspiring learners is not just a description of who we are. It is also what we are called to do. Each day, every East Aurora staff member has a mission to inspire our students to learn and reach their tremendous potential.

We have been - and we will always be - working to inspire learners who will change the world.

There are nearly 15,000 students and approximately 1,400 staff members in East Aurora School District 131. Students learn in two early childhood centers,13 elementary schools, three middle schools, East Aurora High School and a magnet academy that serves third through eighth grades. All schools are in the city of limits of Aurora, Illinois.
The interim superintendents of schools are Dr. Mark McDonald and Dr. Marion Hoyda, and the President of the Board of Education is Annette Johnson.
The District reaches the county line between DuPage and Kane counties to the east, the county line between Kendall and Kane counties in the south, the Fox River on the west and Interstate 88 to the north.

According to "The Educational History of Illinois", private subscription schools were taught by various teachers on the East Side starting in 1834. The first school in what would later become East Aurora School District 131 opened in 1836 at East Galena and Broadway. The school was subscription based. In 1839, a new school was built near Broadway and Claim Street.

East Aurora became a charter district on April 30, 1847, and was officially recognized by the state in 1851. The District became the first free school system in Illinois under a special act of legislature in 1851, two years before the state's free school laws passed. That same year, a two-story school was built with Merwin Tabor as principal. The first grade schools were built four years later. The first class from East Aurora High School - four girls- graduated in 1867.

District profile
The latest State Report Card data indicates that in the 2013-14 school year, 86 percent of East Aurora School District 131 students were Hispanic, 8 percent were African American, 4 percent were white, 1 percent were Asian, 1 percent were American Indian and 1 percent identified with one or more races.
About 90 percent of East Aurora School District 131 students are considered low income. Since the 2013-2014 school year, all students can receive free breakfast at their schools. One third of East Aurora School District 131 students receive English Learner services.

More than 56 percent of East Aurora School District 131 teachers have a Master's Degree or higher.

You should know

  • East Aurora School District 131 has the highest financial profile ranking by the State Board of Education. The District has reserves of approximately $60 million.
  • The STEM Magnet Academy serves 450 students from third through eighth grade. Each student receives a laptop computer to use at school and home.
  • East Aurora School District 131 schools have a robust preschool through 12th grade extracurricular program with nearly 70 clubs and 20 varsity sports at the high school level.
  • One-third of East Aurora School District 131 students receive bilingual services, affirming the District’s commitment to a culturally diverse community with a large Spanish speaking population.
  • As part of overhauling its technology infrastructure, the District is pursuing a near one-to-one computer initiative.
  • Each East Aurora School District 131 school has a full-time parent liaison helping to build positive communication between home and school.
  • East Aurora High School’s Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program is the largest in the world with approximately 900 cadets.
  • In East Aurora School District 131, the teaching staff is provided a voice in developing of Common Core units through Understanding by Design framework.

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