Dr. Mark McDonald
Interim Superintendent


Dr. Marion Hoyda
Interim Superintendent


Lisa Morales Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 630-299-5554
Tom Jackson Public Relations Officer 630-299-5534

Educational Services

Beatrice Reyes Childress
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services



Araceli Ordaz Director of Elementary Education 630-299-5550
Dr. Yolanda Stovall Director of Secondary Education 630-299-5550
Nestor Garcia Assistant Director of Athletic & Student Activities 630-299-5530
Margo Schmitt Grant Coordinator 630-299-7278
Alfred Morales 21st Century Project Manager 630-299-7266

Teaching and Learning

Heather Kincaid
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning



Dr. Lori Campbell Director of Curriculum 630-299-7279
Dr. Carla Johnson Assistant Director of Curriculum 630-299-7270
Chris Heath STEM Coordinator 630-299-7293
Ed Moyer Director of Assessment and Accountability 630-299-7283
Jeremy Bell Director of Student Services 630-299-7910
Suzanne Nissen Assistant Director of Special Education 630-299-7911
Elisa Leporini Assistant Director of Student Services 630-299-7912
Dr. Jennifer Dalrymple Professional Development Coordinator 630-299-7285

Business & Finance

Michael Prombo
Assistant Superintendent for Finance, CSBO




Human Resources
Steven Megazzini Human Resources Director 630-299-5548
Claudia Ruiz Human Resources Coordinator - Classified 630-299-5598
Mavis DeMar Human Resources Coordinator - Certified 630-299-5568

Sheldon Luo CIO/CTO 630-299-8353
John Frauenhoff Infrastructure Manager 630-299-5550
Maria Kilgore Instructional Technology Coordinator 630-299-7290
Kristin Imberger School Systems Coordinator 630-299-7292
Chris Rowold Project Supervisor 630-299-7255
Sam Mayper Field Supervisor 630-299-7282


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