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Elementary Schools
Child Service Center

1480 Reckinger Road
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.7590 (office)
630.299.7904 (fax)

Early Childhood Center

278 Indian Trail
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.7460 (office)
630.299.7461 (fax)
Donna Scarpino, Principal

Allen Elementary-‘Home of the Panthers’

700 S. Farnsworth
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5200 (office)
630.299.5201 (fax)
Robert Pape, Principal
Armando Rodriguez, Assistant Principal
Michael Smith, Assistant Principal

Bardwell Elementary-‘Home of the Bears’

550 S. Lincoln Ave.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5300 (office)
630.299.5302 (fax)
Twila Garza, Principal
Jaime Sanchez, Assistant Principal
Lauren Holland, Assistant Principal

Beaupre Elementary-‘Home of the Pumas

954 E. Benton St.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5390 (office)
630.299.5399 (fax)
Caridad Garcia, Principal

Benavides Kindergarten Center

250 E. Indian Trail
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.7560 (office)
630.299.7561 (fax)
Lisa Simoncelli-Bulak, Principal
Jennifer Tapia, Assistant Principal

Brady Elementary-‘Home of the Bobcats’

600 Columbia St.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5425 (office)
630.299.5474 (fax)
Francisco de los Santos, Principal
Paula Ek, Assistant Principal

Dieterich Elementary-‘Home of the Bobcats’

1141 Jackson St.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.8280 (office)
630.299.8281 (fax)
Julia Doverspike, Principal
Maureen Sauter-Taylor, Assistant Principal

Gates Elementary-‘Home of the Tigers’

800 Seventh Ave.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5600 (office)
630.299.5601 (fax)
Nitza Carrillo,Principal
Kelly Trevizo, Assistant Principal

Hermes Elementary-‘Home of the Panthers’

1000 Jungles Ave.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.8200 (office)
630.299.8201 (fax)
Scott Dart, Principal
Glenda Mitrov, Assistant Principal

Johnson Elementary-‘Home of the Jaguars’

1934 Liberty St.
Aurora, IL 60502
630.299.5400 (office)
630.299.5401 (fax)
David Ballard, Principal

Krug Elementary-‘Home of the Cougars’

240 Melrose Ave.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5280 (office)
630.299.5299 (fax)
Noah Little, Principal

Oak Park Elementary-‘Home of the Tigers’

1200 Front St.
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.8250 (office)
630.299.8251 (fax)
Robert Bassett, Principal
Stephanie Felker, Assistant Principal

O'Donnell Elementary-‘Home of the Bobcats’

1640 Reckinger
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.8300 (office)
630.299.8301 (fax)
Ed Brouch, Principal

Rollins Elementary-‘Home of the Cougars’

950 Kane Street
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.5480 (office)
630.299.5481 (fax)
Michelle Henson, Principal
Annette McMahon, Assistant Principal

Fred Rodgers Magnet Academy - 'Home of the Pumas'

157 N. Root Street
Aurora, IL 60505
630.299.7175 (office)
Angela Rowley, Principal
Matt Willigman, Assistant Principal