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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

East High Tomcats help choose furniture for new classrooms

Students at East High have been busy with school work, extracurricular activities, and testing these days.

But many have also taken some time to check out furniture options for the new classrooms now currently under construction.

Recently officials at East High set up a room full of furniture, inviting students to review some of the possible selections for individual seating, the cafeteria, and group seating areas. Students were then asked to write down their feedback.

"Pretty rad!” one student wrote. “A lot of room to do work."

"Great idea for groups," wrote another. “Perfect amount of space. Comfy."

"It spins. I love it,"

And when they didn't approve, they shared that, too. "The back of the chair is uncomfortable," a student wrote.

Having students involved in the furniture choices made sense to district officials, as well as Principal Marina Kosak. "This is their school," said Kosak. "The students are the ones who will use the furniture and they should have a voice in the process."

On a recent morning, students checked out a unique chair from a company called Ruckus.

The chair purposely has generously-sized seating for an “as you like it” sitting experience. East High students tried it out as the company intended, by sitting sideways, backwards, even on top of the chair.
Tomcat Vanessa Montalvo was one of the chair testers. “I loved this chair. It was different than what we have now, and it's very comfortable. It would make class fun.”

In all, over 400 students and many teachers reviewed about 20 pieces of furniture, including desks, chairs for computer labs, library chairs, a cafeteria table, a teacher desk, and visitor chairs.
Kosak said they will be reviewing student feedback when it comes time to make those important decisions about furniture for the 20 new classrooms, new cafeteria and library, all of which will be completed in August.

"The younger students were a little shy about the process," said principal Kosak. "The older students were really into the process and provided a lot of feedback."

Montalvo really liked the fact that students were involved. “It makes coming to school more fun because it shows that we have a voice.”

Posted on 3/22/2017
Last updated by Silvana Lecaros on 3/22/2017 4:30 PM

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