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Families invited to Fun Fair at East Aurora High School on Saturday, May 9

AURORA – Families of all ages are invited to the East Aurora School District 131 fourth annual Fun Fair on Saturday, May 9. The Fun Fair will run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in both the Ponquinette Fieldhouse at East Aurora High School, 500 Tomcat Lane. Admission is $1.

The Fun Fair will include a family friendly DJ, a moon bounce obstacle course, face painting, a dunk tank, raffles, mini golf, pony rides and much more. There will also be performances throughout the day from East Aurora elementary and middle school students.

There will be food available, including hot dogs, tacos, popcorn, cotton candy, horchata, ice cream and more.

All of the games and activities are staffed by East Aurora High School student council groups, honors societies or music groups. Tickets will cost 25 cents.

All the funds raised go to the clubs running each of the activities.


Waldo Newspaper Club releases Wildcat Chronicles April Edition

Waldo Middle School Newspaper Club has released the second edition of the digital newspaper, Wildcat Chronicles.

By publishing the newspaper digitally, the newspaper club can publish more issues, save on paper, and give our students access to technology.

The third issue of the Wildcat News may be found at:


Community invited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on May 5 at Simmons Middle School

   The public is invited to attend a free Cinco de Mayo celebration on Tuesday, May 5, at Simmons Middle School. The celebration will take place from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the middle school, which is located at 1130 Sheffer Road, Aurora.

    Visitors will be able to watch student and community groups dance and sing. Among the presentations will be a greeting by East Aurora Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Popp, East Aurora High School drum and Tamborazo performances, Beaupre Elementary cheerleaders, Beaupre Elementary dancers, Simmons Middle School guitar club, Bardwell Elementary folklore dance, Benavides Kindergarten Center singers, Allen Elementary Mexican ballet, Dieterich performers and a Simplee Destinee dance performance.

    There will be children games for 25 cents. Food and drinks will be sold at the event.

   The Cinco de Mayo celebration is a recent tradition at East Aurora East Schools District 131. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of heritage and pride. It commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla through dance and the coming together of the community.


Learn more about CPR through IHSA video

Do you know what to do if someone collapses in front of you? East Aurora parents and staff are encouraged to view this short video and learn more about hands-only CPR and AED use. The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/Zh_uWrNaVQI

The video was created by the Illinois High School Association to give basic instructions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators.

El Día de los Niños rescheduled for May 2

Due to expected inclement weather, the "El Día de los Niños" has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 2. The rest of the schedule remains the same. The event will be held from 1-5 p.m. at the Aurora Transportation Center. The event is free. There will be food, music, activities and books for all children.

For more information on the event, go to: www.aurorahispanicheritage.com/ninos.html

Student artists ready to shine at the May 2 Fine Arts Festival

   Actors, musicians and artists from elementary school through high school will showcase their talent from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 2 at the East Aurora School District 131 Fine Arts Festival. The Festival will take place throughout East Aurora High School, 500 Tomcat Lane. Admission and parking are free.

    On that day, the Little Theatre will feature dramatic performances. In the gymnasium, bands from various East Aurora schools will perform musical selections. There will be choral shows in the Hawks Auditorium. And the first-floor hallways will be filled with paintings, drawings, photographs and other student artwork.

    Schedules and programs will be available at the event to guide visitors toward performances.

A growing tradition

   The Fine Arts Festival has been a tradition in East Aurora School District 131 for more than 25 years. In the last decade, it has expanded to incorporate the work of all grade levels.

    The first step into the Festival is an awesome experience. The walls are filled with paintings, sculptures, drawings and illustrations. The halls ring with voices and musical notes. And when you consider how difficult it is to have work on display – less than 10 percent of the pieces created are selected – the event takes on a new brilliance.

    “What I see amazes me,” said East Aurora art teacher Susan McCarron, one of dozens of teachers involved in setting up the Festival. “I’ll see work and think: I would have never thought of doing that. And I see that all the time. How great is that?”

Students: tell us what sports and clubs interest you

Is there a sport or club you’d like to be part of? Take our survey and let us know what interests you! Your answers will help us decide which programs to offer. The survey can be found at http://bit.ly/1zqf4GE

KD Waldo announces third quarter Honor Roll

 Waldo is proud to announce the third quarter honor roll for each grade level. Congratulations Wildcats, keep up the good work!

Sixth Grade High Honor Roll:

Edgar Aguirre, Livia Byrne, Gianna Carter, Saul Casas, Gustavo Castillo, Jaziel Enrique Gonzalez, Edmaunel Escobedo, Belen Garcia, Monserrat Hernandez, Jennifer Lopez, Brianda Marin, Jenny Oretega, Stephanie Perez, Cristofer Ramierz, Jada Rodriguez, Jose Sanchez, Leonel Vazquez-Moreno, Guadalupe Velzaquez, Jovanny Zamudio, Ashley Heredia, Gina Lowry, Jennifer Marquez, Alanah Wells, Martin Zepeta, Erika Alcala, Jesus Casas, Emily Cruz, Nayvi Delacruz, Francisco Garcia, Luis Gonzalez, Enrique Hernandez, Marciela Martinez, Melissa Malta, Jocelyn Mendoza, Evelila Ochoa, Daniel Ortega, Gabriela Ramos-Avila, Bianca Rodriguez, Osvaldo Salas, Yoanna Sanchez

Sixth grade Honor Roll:

Juan Alcala, DeNeil Brandon, Jesus Campos, Yaireliz Cruz Fonesca, Mario Gonzalez, Izamar Hernandez, Daniela Lazcano, Gabriel Perez, Hanna Pineda, Emarrion Pittman, Daniel Reyes, Martin Rincon, Jennifer Rodtiguez, Lorena Sanchez, Guadalupe Velazquez-Gonzalelz, Symonapata, Alexis Aguilera, Michael Alcaraz, Leslie Garcia, Destiny Hernandez, Denisse Hernandez Puc, Daisy Ibarra, Karime Martinez, Samuel Martinez, Janet Morales, Estefania Munoz, Juan Perez, Alejandro Resendiz, Leilany Rivas, Martiniano Rivas, Valeria Rivas, Alexis Rodriguez-Romero, Jonathan Rosario-Solis, Yahaira Terrazas, Cecilia Tochimani, Juan Zuniga, Marlene Castro, Jackelyn Duarte, Jose Pichardo-Lopez, Joan Gabriel Torres, Maria Xique, Byron Arriola, Isabella Barrios, Christian Duran, Abigail Fuentes, Mauricio Garcia, Jacques Kelly, Amber Landeros, Ulisses Leon, Yesenia Lopez, Stephanie Nava, Miguel Patino, Lizbeth Segura, Carol Cisneros, Justin Roberson, Lesly Sanchez, Sado Ibrahim, Wilsan Ibrahim, Jennifer Barrios-Perez, Alliyah Burns, Isamry Cano, Javier Contreras, Ana Lopez, Janet Lopez, Andres Mondragon, Karina Mondragon, Natalia Nunez, Jakeline Ortiz, Juana Pizano, Julissa Rios, Jocelyn Sahagun, Alan Sanchez, Susana Santillan, Ruby Hernandez, Daniel Alvarez, Joanna Bocanegra, Jessica Contreras, Alexis Feliciano, Brian Garcia, Maria Garcia, Dionicio Garcia-Badajoz, Jennifer Guerrero, Brenda Handley, Aldo Hinojosa Castro, marissa Houtz, Adan Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Justin McBride, Daniel Mier, Maraya Mondragon, Samuel Ramos, Dana Sosa, Darrius Wright, Belen Campos, Alejandro Acevedo, Brianna Guerra, Antonia Lopez, Crescencio Malagon, Sandy Maldonado, Juan Nino, Jonathan Ortega, Citaly Palmerin, Jesse Puga, Oscar Ruiz, Cristian Valdez, Eddie Valerio, Giselle Zamora, Ahtziri Avalos-Deltoro, Ja Shanti Booker



Seventh Grade High Honor Roll:

Susana Aceves, Henrenetta Adams, Ulises Alvarado, Anahi Arrez Chagolla, Cynthia Avitia, Judith Ayala, Stephanie Bello, Eduardo Benitez, Latron Cannon, Jordan Cheek, Nely Cuevas, Yailin Delgado, Ivan Flores, Joanna Franco, Diana Gallegos, Alondra Garcia, Felipa Garcia, Rosa Garcia, Damian Guerra, Jose Guerrero, Elidia Gutierrez, Reyna Guzman, Jamila Hadnott, Alex Hernandez, Jovanny Hernandez, Virginia Holman, Jennifer Huerta, Abigail Jacome, Josseline Javier, Juanita Jimenez, Sarah Juarez, Arely Junez, Alondra Lopez, Cristian Lopez, Aracely Martinez, Jessie Medina, Rigoberto Munoz, Erikka Murillo Vargas, Nayeli Navarro, Ariana Nunez, Bryanna Perez, Cristian Pina, Melina Ramos, Rosa Reyes-Rios, Jessica Rivera, Isabella Rodriguez, Arianna Sanchez, Leslie Sanchez, Jesus Santellanes, Brian Sida, Mayra Soria Cortez, Cristal Sotelo, Melanie Tello, Krystal Torres, Yarely Torres, Elizabeth Vilchis, Cassandra Villa, Olivia Wallace

Seventh Grade Honor Roll:

Maritza Acevedo, Oscar Acevedo, Jesus Acuna, Jocelyn Aguilera, Christian Alanis, Elisabel Alanis, Oralia Almanza, Aurora Alvarado, Diego Amezcua, Jovanni Andrade, Maliah Arellano, Maria Arrez Chagolla, Andry Astorga, Francisco Avalos, Samantha Bachinski, Fermin Benitez, Michelle Bernal, Cielo Bernal Huerta, Ramon Bravo, Anthony Burciaga, Stephanie Cacique, Solcilia Calderon, Charlie Cerecero, Kevin Cielo, Marc Coyomani, Sofia Cuacuas, Cristian Cuanetl, Jacqueline Delacruz, Mary Escobedo, Juan Franco, Alexa Garcia, Jose Garcia, Justin Garcia, Omar Garcia, Kimberly Godinez, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Joaquin Gonzalez, Yarely Gonzalez, Meredith Guerrero, Oscar Guerrero, Daniel Hernandez, Katherine Hernandez, Samuel Hernandez, Alexus Herrera, Ahniya Hughes, Juan Juarez, Janessa Lopez, Omar Lopez Diaz, Brianna Luna, Yaremi Machuca, Felipe Mahuiz, Jonathan Marin, Alejandra Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Jaehlen Merriweather, Pocahontas Molina, Briana Montenegro, Anahy Nava, Myldred Nino, Lissette Nunez, Annel Olivas Nunez, Esmeralda Orive, Daniela Orrala, Crystal Ortega, Jonathan Ortega, Katie Ortiz, Jennifer Pantoja, Jazmin Perez, Jose Perez Picazo, Gladys Perez-Ferreira, Dayani Popoca, Edgar Ramirez, James Ramirez, Katelyn Ramos, Ontre Ya Rayford, Daniel Rea, Brenda Rios, Erika Rivas, Erica Rivera, Isaiah Rodriguez, Nicholas Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez-Alvarez, Edgar Romero, Israel Rosario, Caiya Ross, Deon Ross, Antonio Ruiz, Litzy Ruiz, Hugo Salinas, Alondra Salmeron, Yesina Sanchez, Letzy Sandoval Sanchez, Frankie Stagner, Michelle Tapia, Shadimon Thomas, Xochitl Tiburcio, Kimberly Vale, Richard Velazquez, Antonio Venegas, Jennifer Villa, Michelle Villafuerte, Alexandra Villagran, Elizabeth Zuniga, Ricardo Zuniga

Eighth Grade High Honor Roll:

Fabiola Acevedo, Arleth Alba, Gisselle Alcaraz, Jennifer Arriola, Giovanni Baca, Guadalupe Bahena, Jasmin Hernandez-Sanchez, Yahaira Muneton, Citlali Najera, Jesus Nava, Daniel Nino, Giselle Nunez, Esperanza Ortiz, Isidro Pina, Desiree Reta, Michelle Reyes-Lopez, Edith Rivera, Keily Sandoval Carbajal, Julian Santana, Lesly Solis, Jacqueline Soto, Julian Torres, Victor Viscencio, Dianna Zepeda

Eighth Grade Honor Roll:

Norah Acuna, Ana Aguilar, Juan Aguirre, Luz Aguirre, Yesenia Alcala, Lizbeth Alcala Ramirez, Julia Alfaro, William Alonso, Anette Alonso Rodriguez, Cristian Alvarez, Kenia Arias, James Armstrong, Reynaldo Avila, Jose Campuzano, Lesley Carrillo, Azul Castillo, Angel Castro, Anthony Chambers, Stephanie Chavez, Jacqueline Chavez-Moreno, Ana Chavira, Thomas Cotto, Adolfo Coyomani, Diana Diaz, Gisel Espinoza, Jonathan Fajardo, Pedro Figueroa, Rebecca Flores, Jocelyn Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Raul Garcia, Emilie Garcia-Morales, Aireal Gomez, Jennifer Gonzalez, Leonel Matthew Gonzalez, Mario Gonzalez, Giselle Gonzalez-Beltran, Monica Guzman, Marco Junez, Bryan Lopez, Zemirah Mack, Gonzalo Magana, Jessica Martinez, Kimberly Martinez, Leslie Martinez, Antonio Mora, Maria Nava, Celissa Ochoa, Fernando Patino, Galen Perdomo, Marco Perez, Derreck Pineiro, Yulissa Recendiz, Sergio Reyes, Yasmine Rios, Alexis Rodriguez, Melissa Rodriguez, Krystal Rosado Varela, Adrian Rosales, Astrid Rosales Orrala, Daniel Tellez, Daphne Tesillos, Ayanah Thompson, Yuliana Tinoco Solorzano, Leslie Torres, Lorenzo Trejo, Luis Trejo, Alexis Urzua, Hugo Valente, Alexis Varela, Jasmine Vargas, Paola Vazquez, Dayana Vega, Arlynn Villalobos, Lamya Washington, Jaelyn Wilson


Sandra Katula

Wilson Morales

Assistant Principal

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