District finances

District financial information

East Aurora School District 131 works to ensure that the Districtís budget promotes the achievement of all students while maintaining fiscal responsibility, and safe and clean facilities that reflect high standards for learning.
On this page, you will find links to financial documents that are part of the Districtís commitment to open, two-way communication with students, staff and residents.

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The Board of Education hires outside firms to audit the District finances. The auditors ensure the District complies with all state and federal regulations regarding finances.


  PDF 2016 Annual Financial Report
  PDF 2016 Annual Statement of Affairs
  PDF Fiscal Year 2015 Audit Memo - Adjustments to transition to accrual method
  PDF 2015 Annual Financial Report
  PDF 2015 Annual Statement of Affairs
  PDF 2014 Annual Financial Report
  PDF 2014 Annual Statement of Affairs



To see East Aurora School District 131 Requests for Proposal, addendum and other bidding documents, go to: www.d131.org/bidding



East Aurora School District 131 runs on a fiscal year that begins July 1. The budget is approved by the Board of Education.


  PDF Fiscal Year 2017 Budget - approved September 19, 2016
  PDF Fiscal Year 2016 amended budget
  PDF Fiscal Year 2016 amended budget explanatory memo
  PDF Fiscal Year 2016 Budget - approved Sept. 21, 2015
  PDF Fiscal year 2016 budget detail
  PDF Comparison: Fiscal year 2015 vs. Fiscal Year 2016 budgets
  PDF 2015-16 Tentative Budget
  PDF 2014-15 Budget
  PDF 2014-15 Budget Detail
  PDF 2013-14 Amended Budget
  PDF 2013-14 Budget
  PDF 2012-13 Budget
  PDF 2011-12 Budget


Contracts greater than $25,000

All Illinois School Districts are required to post a list of contracts greater than $25,000. Because invoices are considered contracts, all vendors who do more than $25,000 business with East Aurora School District 131 are listed.


  PDF $25,000 contracts - Fiscal Year 2015
  PDF $25,000 contracts - Fiscal Year 2014


District contracts

These are some of the East Aurora School District 131 contracts. This list will be continually updated as contracts are approved.


  PDF Gordon Flesch (copiers/printers) FY15


Finance Committee (Board of Eduation)

Three members of the Board of Education meet once a month as the Finance Committee. Committee meetings are used for detailed discussions of items that may eventually move to the full Board for consideration. All Board of Education committee meetings take place at the McKnight School Service Center, 417 Fifth Street. All committee meetings are open to the public.


    Board of Education Finance Committee agendas and minutes
  PDF Finance Committee meeting dates 2015-16
    Finance Committee meeting minutes prior to 2015


Financial presentations/documents

Throughout the year, the District shares various presentations and documents related to finances.


  PDF How taxes support education - Handout (Sept. 8, 2015)
  PDF Debt refinancing/restructuring Board of Education presentation (August 17, 2015)
  PDF Financing Education in East Aurora (2014)
  PDF Financion de la Educacion (Espanol) (2014)
  PDF Tax Levy presentation (2014)
  PDF Property tax and levy FAQ (2014)



Each year, the Board of Education must vote to approve a levy. The levy determines the amount of money that will be collected from taxable properties in the District.


  PDF 2015 Tax levy presentation
  PDF 2014 Tax levy
  PDF 2014 Tax levy presentation
  PDF 2014 Levy calculations with bond scenarios
  PDF Property tax and levy FAQ (2014)


Salary and benefits

The salaries and benefits of all state employees, including school staff, are public information.


  PDF IMRF Employees over $75,000
  PDF 2015-16 Salary and benefits
  PDF 2014-15 Salary and benefits
    District employee contracts
    Teacher salary schedule


Vendor return greater than $1,000

Below are contracts with vendors that returned $1,000 or more to East Aurora School District 131.


  PDF Vendor contracts fiscal year 2014-15


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